The Cast

Grant Crammer

Mike Tobacco (played by Grant Crammer):

Mike is Debbie's current boyfriend. He takes her to the hot make out spot known as "Top of the World". After seeing the "shooting star" fly overhead, Debbie convinvces him to investigate. Thus begins their journey together. As Debbie's new boyfriend (Dave the cop being her previous), he has more than the dreaded Klowns on his mind to worry about.. Other notable roles for Grant Crammer include Hard Bodies (1984) and An Inconvenient Woman (1991) as well as roles on on television shows like The Facts of Life and Murder, She Wrote.

Suzanne Snyder

Debbie Stone (played by Suzanne Snyder)

Debbie is the girlfriend of Mike, and former girlfriend of Dave. She is initially very curious to see where the shooting star landed. upon discovering a circus tent in the forest, she reveals her fear of clowns (scene available from bonus features). She is the first to realize that the shooting star and tent is actually a space craft. She eventually is captured by the Klowns, and it is up to Mike and Dave to save her. Notable roles for Snyder include Weird Science (1985), Return of the Living Dead 2 (1988), and an appearance on show Seinfeld.

John Alen Nelson

Dave Hansen (played by John Allen Nelson)

Dave is a rookie cop and Debbies former lover. Although he doesn't know what to make of her shocking story of the Killer Klowns her and Mike ran into, he sipethizes with her due to their prior relationship. He end up joining the two on their quest to defeat the Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Other notable roles for John Allen Nelson include Taking Liberty (1993) aswell as many roles on televsion series including Bay Watch, CSI Miami, Knight Rider and the hit show 24.

Grant Crammer

Curtis Mooney (played by John Vernon)

Mooney is the head cop at the Police Station. He shows no faith in Mike and Debbie's story of barely escaping from the Klown's ship. He alos gives Dave a hard time due to Dave's police academy training as well as Dave's trust in Debbie. he even goes so far as to excuse the Terrenzi Brothers of convincing the town to make calls to the polic station claiming klowns are attacking, as some sort of plot to sell more ice cream. Other notable roles for John Vernon include Dirty Harry (1971) and Animal House (1978).

Grant Crammer

Rich Terenzi and Paul Terenzi (Peter Licassi, Michael Siegel)

Rich and Paul are Mike's best friend's from school. They provide the film with a great deal of comedy. The drive an ice cream truck to popluar make-out points hoping to cool off the hto lovers as well as meet girls. They get rapped up in Mike and Dave's quest to save Debbie.